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Enhancing user information using custom data fields

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Custom Profile Fields is a powerful feature within our officiating software that empowers organization administrators to create and manage custom fields within a user's profile. These fields can be utilized to collect and track various information about officials within your officiating organization. This article will guide you through the key aspects of this feature and provide you with examples of common use cases.

Creating Custom Profile Fields

To create and manage custom profile fields, officiating organization administrators can follow these steps:

  1. Access the Administrative Forms page in the software.

  2. Look for the Custom Profile Fields section.

  3. Click on Manage Custom Profile Fields in the top toolbar

  4. Click on "add new custom custom field" at the top of the window to begin setting up your custom field.

Field Configuration Options

When creating a custom profile field, you have several options to configure:

  1. Label: Provide a clear and descriptive label or title for the field that will be displayed to the user.

  2. Type: Select the appropriate form input field type from the available options: text, checkbox, drop-down (selection box), or date selection.

  3. Required: Determine whether the field must have a non-blank value submitted by the user.

  4. Options: This option is specific to each input type. For example, you can specify the minimum/maximum length for a text entry or define the available options for a drop-down menu.

  5. Responsible for Updating: Specify whether the officiating organization or the user themselves will update the field. Alternatively, both options can be selected.

  6. Auto-Expire: Determine the data retention period. Values can be set to expire after a specific date, which triggers an email notification to the user and administrators.

Please note that while custom field responses are stored with 128-bit encryption for security, sensitive personal information such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, or credit card numbers should not be collected using custom fields. Our software provides dedicated collection methods for handling such sensitive information. By entering a custom field, you accept full liability for any illegal or unsafe data collection resulting from your custom fields.

Common Use Cases for Custom Profile Fields

Custom profile fields offer great flexibility for capturing specific information about officials. Here are some examples of common use cases:

  1. Officiating Certifications: Capture information about officials' certifications in various officiating organizations, such as specific sports associations or governing bodies, including SafeSport certifications.

  2. Officiating Experience: Track the number of years officials have been involved in officiating different sports or game levels.

  3. Availability for Travel: Collect data on officials' willingness to travel for games, helping to allocate assignments effectively.

  4. Equipment Availability: Note the availability of specific officiating equipment, such as whistles, flags, or timing devices, to ensure officials have the necessary tools for each game.

  5. Language Proficiency: Identify officials who are fluent in languages other than the primary language used in your officiating organization, facilitating effective communication with diverse teams or participants.

  6. Uniform Sizes: Capture information about officials' uniform sizes for accurate uniform ordering and distribution.

  7. Medical Conditions: Allow officials to provide information on any relevant medical conditions or allergies to ensure their safety during game assignments.

  8. Officiating Specializations: Identify officials with specialized knowledge or experience in specific game types, rule sets, or positions.

  9. Officiating Goals: Enable officials to set and track their officiating goals, such as achieving specific certifications or officiating at higher game levels.

  10. Preferred Game Assignments: Collect officials' preferences for specific game types, levels, or venues to enhance assignment matching.

These are just a few examples, and the possibilities are virtually endless. You can customize the fields according to your organization's specific needs.

Utilize the Custom Profile Fields feature to enhance user information management within your officiating organization. It enables you to collect, track, and organize valuable data to streamline operations and improve communication with your officials.

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