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How do I change the color of the software?
How do I change the color of the software?

Details about changing software colors

Updated over a week ago

This functionality is deprecated and will be discontinued in a future version of the software. Color selections made with these settings are no longer enforced on the mobile versions of the platform. Mobile apps use their own light/dark theme that can be selected by each user individually.

The color theme of the software can be changed and customized by any user with Administration permissions within a local officiating organization. If you have Administrator permissions, you may change the software colors using these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the System Settings page of the software

  2. Choose the System Colors tab

  3. Click the color square for the color you want to change

  4. Click Save Setting to submit and save your changes.

Font Colors

As part of the steps listed above, you may change the font colors for certain types of special items in the software. However, the primary font color cannot be manually changed. The primary font color will be set to either white or black, depending on the other colors you choose. The system will calculate the contrast levels of each color selection to determine which font color will be best visible against the background color you've selected.

Color Selection Tips

We recommend you keep your colors simple and basic. Eccentric colors can lead to eye strain and fatigue among your users. After you choose, please make sure that the text on the screen is easily legible.

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