Setting Custom Game ID Numbers

Choosing and managing your own identification numbers for games.

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In your journey of managing officiating assignments, customization is key to efficiency. Our platform offers you the flexibility to set your own game identification (ID) numbers, allowing for a more personalized experience. This support article will guide you through the process of enabling and utilizing this feature to enhance your game management capabilities.

Enabling the Feature: Administrator's Action

By default, our system generates unique identification numbers for each created game. However, if you prefer to have more control over game ID numbers, officiating organization administrators can opt to set their own IDs. This customization step empowers you to align the game numbering system with your organization's preferences.

Enabling the Feature

  1. Begin by logging in to your account with administrator permissions in your officiating organization.

  2. Navigate to the "System Settings" page from the main navigation menu.

  3. Within "System Settings," select the "Preferences" tab.

  4. Locate the "Set Your Own Game ID #'s" setting and switch it to "YES."

Utilizing the Feature: A Schedulers Guide

Once the feature is enabled, schedulers gain an additional field when adding new games to the system. This field allows you to manually input the game ID number, offering a more customized approach to game organization.

Important Note: Adjustments have been made to the import template for game imports via spreadsheet. After enabling this feature, schedulers must download the updated template file to ensure compatibility with the new column structure.

Guidelines for Game ID Numbers

  1. Game ID numbers can have a maximum of 8 characters.

  2. They can be alphanumeric, meaning they can include letters and numbers.

  3. Hyphens are also allowed.

  4. Special characters apart from hyphens are not permitted.

Maintaining Uniqueness: A Crucial Aspect

Every game must have a unique ID number within your "Current Season," which is defined by your officiating organization administrators in the System Settings. This uniqueness ensures clear identification and organization within the system.

Important: As these are identification numbers, once used, a game ID number cannot be reused on multiple games. Even if a game is canceled, its ID number remains unavailable for reuse during the same season. It can be reused next season when your system rolls over to a new season next year.

Deleted Games and Reusability

If a game is deleted, its ID number becomes available for reuse since the previous entry no longer exists. This allows for efficient management and recycling of ID numbers.

Enhancing Visibility: Displaying Game ID Numbers

Officiating organization administrators can further enhance visibility by enabling the "Show Game ID # Column" setting. Located right next to the "Set Your Own Game ID #'s" setting on the System Setting's "Preferences" tab, this feature adds an extra column on the schedule pages, displaying the game ID number. Enabling both these settings often goes hand-in-hand when customizing your game numbering.


Tailoring your game ID numbers offers an innovative way to personalize your game management process. By allowing schedulers to set manual IDs and enabling an additional column for visibility, you can streamline your organization and create a system that resonates with your officiating organization's preferences. Take advantage of this feature to enhance your officiating journey today!

For any further queries or assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We're here to help you make the most of your officiating experience.

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