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Contact Group Restrictions
Contact Group Restrictions
Restricting game levels to only certain user groups
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Contact Groups are very powerful and can be used for a number of different purposes on the system. One popular example of this is that you can use Contact Groups to restrict your officials and what game levels and/or positions that they are eligible to work. Some examples of this would be setting up groups like "Timekeepers" and "Referees" and restricting your positions so that only "Timekeepers" can work the "Timekeeper" position(s) and only "Referees" can work the "Referee" position(s). Another example of this is you can create different groups for higher or lower qualified officials or officials with higher or lower certification levels. This then allows you to specify that higher qualified officials will work higher level games and lower qualified officials will not. To do this, you would need to perform the following steps:

  1. Create 1 or more Contact Groups using the option at the top of the Members Directory

  2. Add/Edit members of your created Contact Group(s).

  3. Add/Edit your Positions list, under Administrative Forms.

  4. Edit the option for one or more positions labeled "Group Memberships Required for Eligibility"

  5. Specify the required group(s).

Once you specify the required group(s), then the system will restrict that position so that only members of the selected contact group will be eligible to work that position. If more than one group is selected, then members of EITHER contact group will be eligible - they can be a member of one OR both groups to be eligible. If no group is selected, then group restrictions are not enforced.

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