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How to setup Experience-Based Pay Structures
How to setup Experience-Based Pay Structures

Paying your officials based on experience level instead of by game level

Updated over a week ago

Experience-based pay structures are a little more complicated to set up, but you can certainly do so within our system. Experience-based pay structures will utilize Positions with Contact Group Restrictions to accomplish this. Here are the steps you'll need to perform to set up your experience-based pay structure:

  1. Create multiple positions
    Within each game level, you'll need to create a separate position that represents each pay rate. For example, instead of having just one "Referee" position, you'll need "Referee - Pay Rate #1", "Referee - Pay Rate #2", etc., for each pay rate. You can name them whatever you like as long as they each have a unique name. Some organizations will put the dollar amount directly in the position name, some will use an abbreviated code of some sort like "Referee - P1" as a shortened reference to "Referee - Pay Rate #1"

  2. Setup Contact Group Restrictions
    This is how you tell the system which position (i.e., which pay rate) each official is associated with. Once your positions have been set up, you'll need to create Contact Groups on the Members Directory to restrict each position to the corresponding members. See the Contact Groups Restrictions article for details on how to set up this matching.

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