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How to leave an organization or delete your account
How to leave an organization or delete your account

How to delete or deactivate your user account

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The process of deleting or deactivating your user account or your user profile should be something you work with your officiating organization on. Individual officiating organizations and group associations are responsible for managing and controlling their own user memberships. In most cases, you should contact your local officiating organization to request to resign or leave their organization and have them delete or deactivate your user account. This allows your officiating organization to plan for your departure, including releasing your license, rescheduling any game assignments you have, calculating any final financial numbers, ensuring you and they have all the data reports they need before your departure, etc.

Multiple Organizations

If you are a member of multiple organizations, you can withdraw yourself from all but 1 organization yourself. You won't be able to remove yourself if you are a member of only 1 organization. Your officiating organization will need to remove your account at that point. To remove yourself, you can follow these steps from a desktop/laptop computer:

  1. Log in to one of your organizations that you do not wish to leave.

  2. Navigate to your Personal Profile and select the My Associations tab

  3. Select the Withdraw option to remove yourself

Withdraw Option Missing

If the withdraw option is missing from one of your organizations, it would be due to one of the following reasons:

  • You are currently logged into that organization. You cannot remove yourself from an organization you are currently logged into.

  • You are an Administrator of the organization. Administrators cannot remove themselves and can only be removed by another Administrator.

  • You are the System Owner of the organization. You cannot remove yourself from an organization that you are the owner of. You must designate a new System Owner, and the new System Owner can remove you.

  • You are only a member of 1 organization. You cannot remove yourself if you are only a member of 1 organization. Your organization must remove you.

  • You're using a mobile device. This action cannot be completed via our mobile interfaces.

Notifications & Access

Upon leaving an organization, your officiating organization will be automatically notified that you have left. Any future game assignments you have with automatically be declined. You will also lose access to the officiating organization's subscription data. Be sure you no longer need access to any of their data before removing yourself.


If you feel that an officiating organization is abusing its user management responsibilities, you may contact our support team to submit a dispute here: This is rare, but we're happy to review any dispute you may have to see if we can assist. Our support staff may determine appropriate actions to resolve a dispute, if any, at their discretion. In many cases, we may refer you back to your officiating organization if we determine their operations do not meet our definitions of abuse. Your officiating organization may have legitimate business needs for keeping your account active in its subscription. For example, they may need to retain your account for payroll or tax reporting after you've stopped officiating games. Remember that your officiating organization pays us a fee for your license spot, so it's in their best interest to remove you quickly, but they can only do so if they no longer have a business need to keep your account.

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