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How to turn back an accepted game
How to turn back an accepted game

How you can request a turnback for an assignment

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If you're trying to drop, remove, or otherwise delete a game assignment from your scheduler that you've previously accepted, you'll need to submit a turnback request to your officiating organization.

Turning back an accepted assignment is at the discretion of your scheduler. You can request a turnback by using the Request Turn Back option on the Game Details page next to your name whether or not your scheduler honors that request is up to them. They will review your turnback request and decide whether or not to honor the request. You'll receive an email notification when they make their decision. The game assignment is still the official's responsibility until the scheduler has honored their turnback request.

  • Turnback requests cannot be made on the day of the game.

  • Officiating organizations can specify even stricter rules for when a turnback request is allowed. For example, officiating organizations might require more than 2 or more days' notice. If your officiating organization has set stricter policies, the turn-back option will not be visible, and you cannot select the turnback request option. You must contact your officiating organization for further guidance in this scenario.

How to Request a TurnBack

1. Navigate to the Game

Navigate to the Game Schedule page on the software and locate the game you want to request to turn back. If you don't see the game on your schedule, you can use the Schedule Search & Filters tools at the top of your game schedule to search for different date ranges to find the game.

2. Select the Game Details Icon

Once you've located the game, open the details page by clicking the details icon in the Action column on your game schedule page for the specific game you want to request a turnback for.

3. Click the Options Menu (Mobile Apps Only)

If you're using the newer system interfaces provided through our Android, iPhone, and iPad apps, you must select the options menu next to your name in the top-right corner of the assignment card.

4. Click the Request Turn Back Open

This option appears next to your name on the Game Details page, and the link says "request to turn back"

It's just a Request.

Your officiating organization is not obligated to honor your request or even answer it. They may reject, dismiss or otherwise ignore your request if they choose to do so. You must contact your local officiating organization directly for details on their operational policies regarding how they handle turnback requests. Some officiating organizations may have stricter policies regarding when or if they will honor turnback requests from

You must agree to the turnback request policy before submitting your turnback request, which states:

A turnback request is only a request. This will not remove you from this assignment. This will send a notification to your assignor asking to relieve you of your assignment. You must WAIT to hear from your assignor or for an email from informing you that you have been removed. This assignment is still yours until you're removed.

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