How to set up scheduling fees

Charging assigning, association, or scheduling fees

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Scheduling Fee Setup

There are two places you can set up scheduling fees. Generally, you'll want to use one or the other and not both. It may be beneficial to use both in some instances, but that is pretty uncommon. This is something you should set up before assigning officials to any games. You can do it afterward, but updating your fee structure after assigning becomes a little more complicated. You can also manually update a game's fees in a case-by-case scenario by clicking the $ symbol next to an assigned official's name on the Master Game Schedule.

Global Fees

Within your System Settings, you can set up Global Fees that apply to every game in your subscription. This is the easiest to set up, but it applies globally and cannot be controlled by game level or by game. If your fee is being assessed to your officials, use the fields labeled "Assignor Fee" and/or "Association Fee." If your fee is being assessed to teams/leagues, use the field labeled "Add Fee to Team/League Invoice."

Position Fees

Position fees take a little more work to set up, but they provide much greater flexibility in controlling different fees for different game types and levels. These fees are controlled in your Positions List (under Administrative Forms) using the "Billable Fee" and "Deductions" input fields. The Billable Fee field will represent whatever amount you what to invoice to your team/leagues for that position. This amount should include any scheduling fees you want to apply to the teams/leagues. The Deductions field will then represent the difference between what you invoice and what the official receives. For example, if your official is to be paid $100 and you want to assess a $5 scheduling fee for that official, you would enter a Billable Fee of $105 and a Deduction of $5. By default, your officials will not see this calculation. If you want officials to see this calculation, you can enable Feature #40 in your System Settings to allow officials to view Gross Pay.

Per Game Position Fees

If you want your scheduling fee to be a "per game" field, you'll need to manipulate your positions to handle this since our invoicing is all per position. You can either split the per-game fee up between your positions or implement the scheduling fee on 1 of the positions and leave it out of any others.

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