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Understanding the Vouchered / Paid By Team Setting
Understanding the Vouchered / Paid By Team Setting

Details on the vouchered or paid by team billable status

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The "Vouchered / Paid By Team" setting is crucial in managing the payment process for officials in sports officiating organizations. This setting allows you to specify whether the officiating organization will pay the officials or if they should seek payment from an external source. In this support article, we will explore the functionality of this setting, how it affects payment workflows, and its various applications.

Setting Description

The "Vouchered / Paid By Team" setting is available on a per-game basis and can be configured when adding or editing games in Horizon. It can also be modified in bulk using the convenient Bulk-Edit option located in the Automation menu on the top toolbar of the Master Game Schedule page. Additionally, the setting can be applied while importing games via a spreadsheet, as it is one of the available columns in the import template CSV file.

Setting Options

  1. YES - When the "Vouchered / Paid By Team" setting is set to YES, the game is considered non-billable and non-payable by the officiating organization. This option indicates that the officials will be paid directly by someone other than the officiating organization.

  2. NO - Conversely, when set to NO, this represents the "normal" status. It implies that the officiating organization is responsible for paying the officials. In this case, the game will appear on billing and payroll reports, allowing the officiating organization to bill the team or league and subsequently compensate their officials accordingly.

Cash Games

The YES option is particularly relevant when officials are being paid by means other than the officiating organization. One common scenario is a cash game. In cash games, officials are often compensated directly with cash at the event. By selecting YES for such games, the software recognizes that the officiating organization will not pay the officials and excludes these games from billing and payroll reports.

School Payment Voucher Systems

Another instance where the YES option is applicable is when officials receive payment through a school payment voucher system. Many schools have established payment procedures where officials submit vouchers for their services, which are then processed by the school's administrative staff. By selecting YES for games involving a school payment voucher system, the software understands that the officials will be compensated directly by the school, and the game will not appear on billing or payroll reports.

Payment Methods and Examples

While the NO option is the default choice, it's worth noting that officials may receive payment through various methods, depending on the specific circumstances. Here are some examples:

  1. Direct Deposit - Officiating organizations may pay their officials via direct deposit, transferring funds directly into their designated bank accounts. This can be done using our built-in Payment Center functionality or through an external direct deposit system that the officiating organization opts to use.

  2. Check Payments - Officials may receive physical checks from the officiating organization as a means of payment. These checks can be mailed or distributed in person.

  3. Electronic Payment Platforms - Some organizations utilize electronic payment platforms such as the Horizon Payment Center, PayPal, or Venmo to facilitate payments to officials.

  4. School District Payment Systems - Officials who work within school districts may receive payment through the district's established payment systems, which might involve payroll departments or payment vouchers.

  5. Third-Party Payment Processors - In some instances, officiating organizations may outsource the payment process to third-party payment processors that handle the distribution of funds to officials.

Managing the Pay Process

When the officiating organization is responsible for managing the payment process, selecting the NO option ensures proper tracking of games on billing and payroll reports. This allows the organization to bill the team or league, facilitating accurate and timely compensation to officials.


The "Vouchered / Paid By Team" setting in Horizon empowers sports officiating organizations to manage the payment process for their officials efficiently. By choosing the appropriate option for each game, whether it's the YES option for cash games or school payment voucher systems, or the default NO option for regular billing, organizations can streamline their administrative tasks and ensure proper compensation for their dedicated officials.

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