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Where do I find the league rules?
Where do I find the league rules?

Information about obtaining rulebooks and rule information

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Horizon is a software platform, and the staff at Horizon does not create or issue game assignments. As a member of a Horizon subscription, you are a member of a local officiating organization. It is this organization that is responsible for creating and issuing game assignments to its officials.

Your local officiating organization is also the source of any training, rule references, rulebooks, or other materials which may be needed for your officiating duties. In some cases, your officiating organization may use the tools within the Horizon software to make this information available to you. This includes the Documents, Memos, and Videos sections of the software.

Horizon does not provide rulebooks, nor does it provide specific guidance on rules, training, or certification requirements. You must contact your local officiating organization for specific guidance on these items. Your officiating organization should be able to give you the information and instructions you need for these topics.

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