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How to clear app cache on Android
How to clear app cache on Android

How to perform a reset on your Android app

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If your mobile app needs to be reset to our "factory" app settings, you can use the following steps to reset your app to a "like new" condition.

To do this, open Settings > Apps & notifications, then tap the HorizonWebRef app. On the App info page, tap the Storage option, then on the next page select Clear Cache, Clear Storage, and Clear Data.

How to clear app cache in Android: Android Cache Setting
How to clear app cache on Android: Clear Cache

How to clear app cache on Samsung devices

With Samsung being one of the most popular manufacturers of Android smartphones, we thought it wise to cover the method used by its devices to clear the cache as it differs from several others.

You have a choice of either individual cache settings in apps or a general cleanse that includes all of them in one go. To reach the individual apps, open Settings > Apps and then select the HorizonWebRef app.

How to clear app cache on Android: Samsung cache

On the App info page select Storage then at the bottom of the next screen you’ll see the option to Clear cache and Clear Data options. Use both.

How to clear cache on Android: Clear Samsung Cache
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