What are Teams?

Setting up and designating your teams for scheduling

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Teams can be added and edited by officiating organization schedulers and administrators by navigating to Administrative Forms >> Add/Edit/Remove Teams

Teams in the officiating software represent the actual competing teams participating in the games or events that you schedule. Each team entry should correspond to a distinct real-world team and not encompass a group of teams or an entire organization.

Teams are Optional

Officiating organizations have the flexibility to enable or disable Teams based on their preferences. If your organization does not utilize Teams, officiating organization administrators can choose to turn off this feature on the System Settings page of the software by toggling Feature #10.

How to Add Teams

Teams can be added to an officiating organization's subscription by any user with Scheduler, Assignor, or Administrator permissions in the software. To do so, these users should navigate to the Administrative Forms page of the software using the main navigation menu and then choose the Add/Edit/Remove Teams option at the bottom of the page under the Assignor Forms heading. Users with Coach, Athletic Director, League Personnel, or Location Personnel permissions cannot add teams themselves. They must contact their local officiating organization if they need teams added to the software to use when adding games to their schedule.

Understanding Team Entries

A single Team entry should be specific to an individual team, complete with its coaches and players. Avoid using a Team entry to represent the entire school or an entire organization's name. Instead, each actual team within the organization should be entered separately. This practice ensures accurate scheduling and assignment of officials for various teams and events.

Examples of Team Naming Structure

Here are examples of how to use a structured naming format for Teams:

  • Tigers - U10 Boys

  • Tigers - U10 Girls

  • Tigers - U12 Boys

  • Tigers - U12 Girls

  • Tigers - Varsity

  • Tigers - JV

  • Lions - Girls Team A

  • Lions - Girls Team B

  • Lions - Boys Team A

  • Lions - Boys Team B

  • Sharks - PeeWee A

  • Sharks - PeeWee B

  • Sharks - Bantam A

  • Sharks - Bantam B

  • Eagles - 10U

  • Eagles - 12U

  • Eagles - 14U

Managing Team Contacts

The software allows for directly attaching a name and phone number to a team. However, this functionality is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Instead of attaching contacts directly to a team, officiating organization administrators can dd team contacts to their subscriptions as regular users. This approach offers several benefits:

  • Multiple Contacts: Add and manage multiple team contacts associated with the same team.

  • User Permissions: Coaches and Athletic Directors with specific permissions can be linked directly to teams.

  • Unified Management: Team contacts' information becomes part of their user profiles, streamlining management.

  • Enhanced Flexibility: The new method eliminates the previous restriction of having only one contact per team.

Usable as a Home Team and Away Team

When inputting games into the game schedule, distinguishing between home and away/visiting teams is essential. The "Usable as a Home Team" and "Usable as an Away Team" checkboxes facilitate this distinction to help users narrow down the list of teams:

  • Default Selection: These checkboxes are initially checked when creating or editing a team.

  • Roles Definition: Both checkboxes enable the team's selection as either a home or an away/visiting team.

  • Customization: Unchecking a checkbox removes the team's eligibility for the respective role (home or away/visiting) in your schedule. For example, if you uncheck the "Usable as an Away Team" checkbox, then the team will not appear in the list of available teams to select when choosing an away/visiting team while you're entering a game into your game schedule. To change this selection, a user with Assignor or Administrator permissions must log in, navigate to the Administrative Forms page, choose the Add/Edit/Remove Teams option, and edit the existing teams you wish to change. Coaches and other team or school personnel cannot edit these settings and they must contact their officiating organization directly for assistance with teams.


Teams in the officiating software are designed to represent actual teams competing in scheduled games or events. By entering Teams accurately and individually, officiating organizations can efficiently manage assignments, streamline communication, and improve overall scheduling efficiency. Utilize the structured naming format for Teams to maintain clarity and precision in team identification.

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