The officials' "Readiness" status allows administrators to determine if a user is eligible to receive assignments. By default, all officials are deemed Ready, but you can switch a user to Not Ready if you want to temporarily or permanently block them from receiving any assignments. An official that is Not Ready will be unable to be scheduled to any games, will be unable to edit their Availability Calendar and will not receive TBA Requests. This feature can be used for a number of purposes:

  • Officials that are not actively working games, but you want to keep in your subscription for communication and tracking purposes.

  • Officials that have no met registration requirements and must complete additional steps before they can receive assignments.

  • Officials that have been temporarily suspended

  • Officials that want to stay in the organization, but want to opt-out of receiving games for the moment.

Only Administrators may edit the Readiness Status of an official. This status can be updated on the Members Directory either by editing an individual user with the edit pencil, or by using the Change Readiness Status sub-menu option under the Delete Users top toolbar menu option.

The status of each user can be viewed by administrators using the Login Records option in the top toolbar of the Members Directory or by Exporting the Members Directory to a spreadsheet.

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