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Setting availability after a declined assignment
Setting availability after a declined assignment

How to change availability after an assignment is declined

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Our system provides multiple methods to handle how declined assignments may affect availability. Still, our overall philosophy is to allow the user (official) themselves to control and manage their calendar and preferences.

What happens when an assignment is declined?

If an assignment is declined, The user (official) will automatically be marked as Ineligible for just that particular game, so you don't accidentally reassign them to the exact same game they've already rejected.

If this decline was accidental and you want to reassign or reschedule them to the same game again intentionally, then you must use the Ineligible Officials list to perform a system override. If the game is linked to another game as part of a link set, you must unlink the game if you need to reassign or reschedule someone only to that individual game.

Is the official available for other games at the same time?

Maybe. This is up to the user to decide. When a game is declined, the system can present the user with an option on whether or not to close their availability calendar. The user (official) can decide to keep their calendar open for other possible games or close their calendar if that is their intention.

Double-check Availability Locking settings

Whether or not the official can actually edit their calendar after a declined assignment is also controlled by your Availability Locking settings. If officiating managers (schedulers) block officials from editing their calendar after a declined assignment, they won't be able to change the calendar, and the prompt above will not appear. The Availability Locking system must be set to one of the following settings to utilize the prompting feature shown above:

  • Locked Only if Unaccepted

  • Never Lock Availability

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