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How your address & postal code are formatted
How your address & postal code are formatted

Details about address, zip code, and postal code formatting

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Users and organizations can specify a physical address in either their Personal Profile and/or their organization's System Settings. Physical addresses can also be set for all your event Locations as well.

Verification & Formatting

The physical address information used by our systems is verified and then automatically reformatted to match the specified format provided by one of our mapping providers. The system will send the information you submit into our forms to our address providers, however, the actual address that will be reflected in the system will be the verified & formatted address supplied by our mapping provider(s). In most cases, these are the same or similar to what you submitted.

Mapping Providers

We use a number of different mapping providers to verify and format address information and can source from one or more of these providers, depending on the address submitted and geographic location. Our primary mapping provider is, but in some instances other providers may be used including:

Determining Accuracy

The system will use one or more of the mapping providers above, depending on the level of confidence reported back to us by the mapping provider. For example, if we submit an address to Google Maps, they may return the address with a low-confidence rating. If a low-confidence rating is received, the system will move on and try a different mapping provider to attempt to obtain a higher-confidence rating from another provider. The mapping provider with the highest confidence rating is used for verification & formatting on the system.

My address is wrong, what do I do?

Since we use verified & formatted addresses from official mapping providers, you won't be able to directly manipulate the exact formatting of your address. However, you can indirectly control the address used by altering the content and format of the information submitted to our mapping providers. In some cases, this may provide a higher-confidence match and allow the mapping provider(s) to better locate your address. You may try these tips:

  • Alter your street address naming format, for example, use 123 Smith Road instead of 123 Smith Rd, or vice-versa.

  • Try alternate street names. Sometimes 123 Smith Road might be better known by a mapping provider as 123 County Road 15, 123 State Route 92, or 123 Smith Boulevard.

  • Use the mapping providers above to check your address and see how it is formatted in their systems. Try to replicate this format when submitting to our systems.

  • Check the town & postal code you're using. In large cities, mapping providers may have your address listed under the primary city name and not a suburb name (or vice-versa). The same may be true for postal codes where the mapping service may recognize your address under a nearby city/postal code.

  • If you still can't get a correct match, try using the closest known location. This is especially useful if you're in a new neighborhood that the mapping providers may not recognize yet or if you can't get a good match.

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