If you are a member of multiple officiating organizations, each organization will have its own features, settings & permissions. An assignor within one organization cannot freely browse your schedule and games that are present in another organization unless they are also an assignor for that other organization. However, all schedulers will be alerted about potential conflicts that may exist in any organization for games on the same day that the scheduler is trying to assign you.

Conflict Types

The system will alert your scheduler about conflicting games you may have, regardless of what subscription they are contained within.

  • Direct Conflicts: Games that are at the same time as a new game your scheduler is trying to assign you to.

  • Indirect Conflicts: Games that are on the same day as a new game your scheduler is trying to assign you to.

Conflict Alert Contents

A conflict alert will inform your scheduler about a conflicting game and provide them with:

  • Game Date

  • Game Time

  • Game Location

  • Organization / Subscription that scheduled the conflicting game

How do I stop this?

You cannot directly disable the conflict detection system. The only method to indirectly stop conflict indicators from being displayed would be to properly keep your availability calendar up-to-date. Conflict notices only appear if you specify that you are available and the system detects that you might not actually be available due to a conflict. If you are properly listed as unavailable on your Availability Calendar, then conflict indicators will not be displayed to a scheduler since you've already told the system that you're unavailable.

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