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Will a failed payment be automatically resent?
Will a failed payment be automatically resent?

Details on how failed, returned, and rejected payments are handled.

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Electronic payments issued via the Payment Center are performed and issued by your officiating organization. They are not automatic, and a human within your officiating organization must issue a payment.

If you have been issued a payment via the Payment Center and that payment subsequently fails either due to a return or rejection, the funds will be returned to the original sender of the payment, and rejection fee will be charged to the sender, and the transaction will be completed. The sender and receiver will receive an email notification about the failed transaction.

Once you've resolved or mitigated the original delivery problem with the receiving bank, the payment will not be automatically resent. Recipients will need to contact the original sender (officiating organization) and request that they resend the payment.

Payment returns or rejections are not entitled to a refund of the normal Payment Center transaction fee. Additionally, returns and rejections typically have an additional fee assessed to the sender of the payment. You may see this support article for details on our Payment Center pricing policies.

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