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Can referees and umpires send payments?
Can referees and umpires send payments?

Details about restrictions on referee and umpire receive-only accounts

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Referees and umpires using the Horizon Payment Center functionality are unable to make payments to the officiating organization through the Payment Center. The Payment Center serves as a platform for officiating organizations to facilitate ACH payments to referees and umpires, creating a streamlined process for distributing earnings to officials. However, referees and umpires do not have the ability to send payments through this system.

One-Way Payment Flow

The Payment Center operates on a one-way payment flow, enabling officiating organizations to send payments to referees and umpires. Referees and umpires create receiver accounts, which are lightweight accounts that simplify the sign-up process without requiring the extensive identity verification process that sender accounts have. This setup allows officiating organizations to distribute payments to officials efficiently and securely, but it does prevent referees and umpires from sending payments.

Officiating Organization Payments

Only officiating organizations have the capability to send payments to officials. The payment center is specifically designed for officiating organizations to distribute earnings and compensate referees and umpires for their services. However, it does not support the collection of payments from officials, such as dues, fines, or fees for items like t-shirts or uniforms.

Payroll Adjustments for Deductions

If an officiating organization needs to deduct fees from a referee's earnings, they can utilize the Payroll Adjustments feature available on the Administrative Forms page. This allows organizations to make deductions directly from the referee's earnings, facilitating the collection of necessary fees.

However, if you don't want to use Payroll Adjustments and you must collect an entirely separate payment, officiating organizations will need to use external methods to collect payments. Currently, our software does not provide an option for officiating organizations to receive payments from referees, umpires, or any other member of their organization.

While the payment center simplifies the process of disbursing payments from officiating organizations to referees and umpires, it is important to note that it does not support payments in the reverse direction. Referees and umpires do not have the capability to send payments to officiating organizations through the payment center.

Please note that specific features and functionalities may vary based on individual organization settings and configurations

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