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Is there a cost for referees and umpires to use the software?
Is there a cost for referees and umpires to use the software?

Details about pricing policies

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In general, Horizon does not charge individual referees or umpires a fee to use or be a member of the software as a member of an officiating organization. Officiating organizations pay our main subscription fees. These officiating organizations will determine which referees and umpires they will allow being members of their organization. However, some officiating organizations may charge their referees and umpires dues or fees to be a member of their organization. You should contact your officiating organization directly to inquire about any dues or fees they may enforce.

Payment Center

An exception to the information mentioned above is the optional Payment Center service. This service allows referees and umpires to receive ACH direct deposit payments from their officiating organization. This service has additional fees not included in our primary software subscription fees. Referees and Umpires may encounter fees if they choose to use this service. You may see details on pricing for this optional service in this support article.

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