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Where do I find my paycheck or pay stub?
Where do I find my paycheck or pay stub?

Details about referee and umpire earnings

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Payment Policies and Procedures

Horizon is a software provider and does not employ or pay referees and umpires directly. Payments are instead issued to umpires and referees directly by their officiating organization. Payments may also be issued directly to the game officials by the school, team, or league that they performed work for.

You should contact the responsible party directly for details on their payment policies and procedures.

If Your Officiating Organization Uses the Payment Center Service

If your officiating organization uses the Horizon Payment Center service to issue payments via direct deposit, you can find details about any payments issued to you by navigating to the Transactions tab within the Payment Center. You may see a full article here about this process.

If no transactions are listed, then your officiating organization has not yet issued any payments to you. Payments issued via the Payment Center are not automatic, and a real human within your officiating organization must issue you a payment before it appears as a transaction within the Payment Center. Some officiating organizations may only issue payments a few times a year.

Each officiating organization has its own payment schedules, policies, and practices, so you should contact your officiating organization directly for details on their policies. If your officiating organization does not use the Horizon Payment Center for issuing payments, then you must contact them directly for details on how to obtain your paycheck or pay stub.

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