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Calculating evaluation ratings and rankings
Calculating evaluation ratings and rankings

Details about the calculations performed by the evaluation systems

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Our evaluation systems, including the "Coaches Ratings & Rankings System," "Fellow Official Ratings & Rankings System," and "Observer Ratings & Rankings System," play a crucial role in providing valuable feedback and assessments for officials within officiating organizations. This support article aims to address a common question related to the availability and calculation of evaluation results. We will explain the process, periodic calculations, and the Recalculate option to help schedulers and administrators access the most up-to-date tallies promptly.

Overview of Evaluation Results

To view evaluation results, assignors and officiating organization administrators can navigate to the "Administrative Forms" section and select "Officials Ratings & Rankings." This page provides an overview of the tallied results for each respective evaluation system.

Calculation Process

It's important to note that the evaluation results are not calculated in real-time but are instead calculated periodically by the system. As a result, schedulers and administrators may occasionally find that the overview page appears blank, particularly at the beginning of a new season, even when they know evaluations have been submitted.

This occurrence is typically due to the system's periodic calculation process, which may not have processed the evaluations at that particular moment. However, rest assured that the evaluations are being stored in the system. The delay in the display is simply due to the timing of the calculation process.

Triggering an Instant Calculation

To instantly update the display and ensure the latest tallies are available, any scheduler or administrator can utilize the Recalculate option located in the top toolbar of the ratings overview page. This option triggers an immediate recalculation of the evaluation results, enabling schedulers and administrators to view the most up-to-date tallies without having to wait for the periodic calculation.

Steps to Recalculate Evaluation Results:

  1. Navigate to the "Administrative Forms" section.

  2. Select "Officials Ratings & Rankings."

  3. Locate the top toolbar on the ratings overview page.

  4. Look for the Recalculate option.

  5. Click on the Recalculate option to initiate the instant calculation process.

  6. The page will refresh, and the display will update with the latest tallies based on the recalculated results.

By utilizing the Recalculate option, schedulers and administrators can access the most current evaluation tallies promptly and make informed decisions based on the updated data.


Understanding the process of evaluation result availability, periodic calculations, and the Recalculate option is essential for schedulers and administrators utilizing our evaluation systems. While the overview may temporarily appear blank due to the periodic calculation process, all evaluations are being stored in the system. Utilizing the Recalculate option triggers an instant recalculation, ensuring the most up-to-date tallies are displayed promptly.

By following these steps, you can access and review evaluation results effectively, enabling you to provide valuable feedback and assessments to officials within your officiating organization. If you have further questions or require additional assistance, our support team is always available to guide you through the process and address any concerns you may have.

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