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Business Ownership Certification Statement
Business Ownership Certification Statement

Details for payment senders on certifying ownership.

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Upon creating a new business account for a payment sender within the Payment Center feature of the software, the account controller for the payment account will need to complete a business ownership certification statement. This is an easy process and simply requires the account controller to certify and agree to the following statement:

"I certify that all information submitted here is accurate and that I am authorized to conduct financial transactions on behalf of the named business. I have included all business owners with 25% or more ownership in the Business Owners section."

No Business Owners

It is acceptable to have a business entity with no business owners. This is common, particularly for the many non-profit officiating organizations that use our software services. In this scenario, you will leave the business owners section blank, but you must still complete the certification statement indicating that the information you've submitted is accurate.

How to Complete the Business Ownership Certification Statement

After you've set up and created a business payment sender account in the payment center, the account controller should navigate to the payment center and locate the Ownership Status line item, which will state "Uncertified" next to it. Simply click on the word "Uncertified," which will display the pop-up ownership certification statement. After you've read the statement, click on the "I Agree" button to agree to the ownership certification statement to complete this requirement.

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