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How do I get my initial username & password?
How do I get my initial username & password?

Obtaining your login credentials for the first time

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Register First

The first step is having a registered user account. Your officiating organization can create this on your behalf, or you can create one yourself by following the Registration Instructions Here.

Receiving your initial credentials

Usernames and passwords are automatically issued when you are added to our system for the first time. The system will generate a temporary username and password for your initial login and send that to you along with the welcome email from your organization. Upon your initial login, you will be required to choose a new password. The temporary password you were issued must be changed. You can keep the temporary username our system provides to you or choose a new one - that's up to you. At a minimum, you must choose a new password that is rated GOOD or STRONG by our password strength rating system. If you lost your welcome email or forgot your username or password, you can request a new email by using the password reset option on the login page or at

What do the emails look like?

Your welcome email will be one of two possible emails, depending on whether you are already a member. Here's what they look like:


Subject: Welcome to


Subject: New Association Membership at

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