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How to view Payment Details
How to view Payment Details

Viewing the details of what's included in a payment

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There are two different types of payments that can be issued via the Horizon Payment Center by officiating organizations that utilize this system. Below you can find details about each payment type.

Manual Payment

A manual payment is generally not recommended and should be a very rare scenario. Manual Payments occur when an organization decides to issue a payment with a manually typed dollar amount and no further details. These are payments that are not for paying game assignments. Manual payments will have a subject line, but there are no further details or line-items that can be deciphered from these payments. Questions on the details of these payments should be directed to the person that issued the payment.

Game Payment

This is the "normal" payment type that is the most common. These payments are a result of an organization running a payroll report and issuing a payment towards games and assignments that have been worked and completed by the user. Many of these payments will be a lump sum payment which will have many line-items that determine the final payment amount. To view the details of these payments, you can click the View Details link that appears below the dollar amount. A desktop, laptop or tablet will be required to view this link. This link is unavailable on mobile phones.

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