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Why isn't an official showing eligible or available?
Why isn't an official showing eligible or available?

Troubleshooting & diagnosing eligibility failures

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When it comes to game assignments in officiating organizations, understanding the factors determining an official's eligibility is crucial. While the Availability Calendar plays a significant role, there are several other systems and rules that come into play. This article aims to clarify the distinction between availability and eligibility and shed light on the various factors affecting an official's eligibility for game assignments.

Availability vs. Eligibility

There is a subtle but very meaningful difference between Availability and Eligibility. The Availability Calendar is just one component among over 40 different systems used to determine whether or not an official is eligible for a particular game. If you're a scheduler and unsure why an official is deemed ineligible for a game, reviewing the Diagnostics Table in the assigning window is the best place to start. The Diagnostics Table provides specific reasons for an official's ineligibility, helping you pinpoint the exact system causing the issue.

Reviewing the Diagnostics Table

To gain insights into an official's eligibility status and the reason behind it, officiating schedulers and assignors can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Assigning Window

    As a scheduler, open the Assigning Window for the specific game you're looking to assign.

  2. Select "View Diagnostics" in the Assigning Window top toolbar menu

  3. Review the Diagnostics Table, which provides detailed information about the factors contributing to the official's ineligibility.

  4. Schedulers can edit or adjust the specific system, feature, or eligibility rule that is causing the ineligibility. Sometimes, schedulers may need to use the "Show Ineligible Officials" menu option to schedule the official from there to override the system if you're sure you want to schedule them. For example, if an official previous declined a game and you're now trying to schedule them to the same game again, the only way to reschedule them to the same game they've already declined is by using an override.

Other Factors Affecting Eligibility

Apart from the Availability Calendar, several other systems and rules can influence an official's eligibility for game assignments. These factors include:

  • Block Systems: Schedulers and officials can use block systems to specify preferences or limitations by blocking specific teams, leagues, game levels, locations, or positions.

  • Game History: Previous declines of the same game may result in temporary ineligibility for future assignments.

  • Manual Rankings: Certain game types may have minimum ranking requirements, ensuring officials meet specific qualifications or skill levels.

  • Contact Group Restrictions: Officials may need to be assigned to specific contact groups established by administrators to be eligible for certain game types.

  • Age Restrictions: Schedulers can set minimum age requirements for officials to be eligible for certain game levels.

  • Maximum Games per Day: Schedulers can establish a limit on the number of games an official can work in a single day.

  • Availability Buffer: Schedulers can enforce a minimum rest time between games to ensure officials have adequate recovery time.

These factors represent just a few examples of the various systems and rules that may impact eligibility. It is essential for both schedulers and officials to understand these factors to ensure accurate and efficient game assignments.

Ensuring Smooth Game Assignments

By familiarizing themselves with the different systems and rules that influence eligibility, schedulers can make informed decisions when assigning games, while officials can have a better understanding of the criteria affecting their eligibility status. Open communication between schedulers and officials can also help address any concerns or clarify eligibility requirements.


Understanding the difference between availability and eligibility is crucial for officiating organizations. While the Availability Calendar is important, it's equally vital to consider other factors contributing to an official's eligibility for game assignments. By being aware of these factors and working together, schedulers and officials can ensure smooth and accurate game assignments, fostering a positive experience for everyone involved.

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