Public Game Schedule

Making your game schedule publicly visible

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The Public Game Schedule is a way to allow users to see games other than "their own" games. By default, users only have access to "their games", but you can allow them to see other games as well using the Public Game Schedule feature. This feature can be activated by subscription administrators via Feature #21 on the System Settings page and further controlled via Feature #22 after Feature #21 has been activated.

Accessing the Public Schedule

Once the Public Game Schedule feature has been activated by a subscription administrator, users with permission to access the Public Game Schedule can access it using the top toolbar menu item at the top of their personal Game Schedule page.

Hide Certain Games

Subscription administrators can further control which games are displayed on the Public Game Schedule page by hiding Leagues they do not wish to appear on the Public Game Schedule. In order to utilize this, you must have Feature #11 (Use Leagues) activated for your subscription, and you can then edit your Leagues to hide any League you do not wish to appear.

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