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Specifying the billable status of a game
Specifying the billable status of a game

Determining who is responsible for paying the game fees

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When adding a game to your Master Game Schedule, you must specify the billable status of the game to determine who will pay the officials and whether or not the game will be considered "billable". There are two options you can select when choosing this. You will use the Paid By Team / Vouchered selection option to choose either YES or NO.

Paid By Team / Vouchered = YES

When selecting "YES" for this option, this means that the team, school, league, or other outside organization will be responsible for paying the officials. The game will not be considered "billable", and will be excluded from all your payroll reports. You should select this option when you will not be handling the finances for the game and the officials should contact an external party for seeking payment.

Paid By Team / Vouchered = NO

This is what we would consider to be the "normal" selection for most games. When selecting "NO" for this option, this means that your officiating organization will handle the payroll for the game. The game will be billable normally, so it will appear on all your payroll reports as a normal game. If your officiating organization will be paying your officials directly, and/or if you will be billing your teams, schools, leagues, etc. for officiating services, you should use this option. This is the most common selection and the option we recommend for most scenarios.

Editing game information

If you need to edit this information after adding a game, you can do so by using the individual edit option for each game, or by performing one of our mass-edit operations. Keep in mind that changing this information will affect your officials' pay information, so the system will require your officials to re-accept any assignments that were previously accepted.

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