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How to access my username or password

Usernames and passwords are irreversibly encrypted

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In the realm of officiating organization management, securing user information is paramount. Your username, a key to your account, is fortified through encryption, ensuring unauthorized access remains impossible. This article unveils the encryption protecting your username, emphasizing its inaccessibility, and clarifies the account recovery process.

Username Encryption

Your username is central to accessing our officiating software. To uphold security, it undergoes encryption, making it unreadable by anyone, including officiating organization administrators, schedulers, assignors, or technical support agents. This stringent encryption ensures that your username remains confidential and inaccessible to anyone, including us.

Privacy Priority: Why Encryption Matters

The encryption of your username serves as a protective measure. It safeguards your data from breaches and unauthorized access. This security approach aligns with industry standards, reinforcing our commitment to safeguarding sensitive information.

Secrecy Matters: Protecting Your Credentials

Remember, your username must remain confidential. Do not share it with anyone. This practice is essential for your security. We reiterate that, due to encryption, no one, not even our technical support or your officiating organization's administrators, can provide or access your username. Do not provide or share your username with anyone, including your officiating organization administrators and technical support. The technical support team will never ask you for your username or password under any circumstance.

Regaining Access: Username Recovery

Forgetting your username doesn't mean locked-out access. Use our designated recovery process. Visit and follow the steps to initiate username recovery. This process ensures secure access restoration without compromising your username's encryption.

The recovery journey verifies your identity. This ensures that only authorized users can regain access. Once verified, you'll regain access while maintaining username encryption.

Your Security, Our Priority

As a user of the Horizon software platform, your data's security is crucial. Our encryption practices and the recovery process prioritize your safety. Remember, we cannot provide usernames due to encryption. Your access journey is secure and seamlessly aligned with our software's protective ethos. If your credentials are a mystery, the recovery process empowers you, preserving the encryption shielding your credentials. Your access remains secure, reflecting our software's protective foundation.

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