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Determine why a user account is inactive
Determine why a user account is inactive

Determining what's required from a user to reactivate their user account

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To remain active members of our software systems, users must regularly log in to their accounts and keep their Personal Profiles up to date. The system automatically determines whether a user account is Active or Inactive based on the user's history and activity.

If an account falls to an inactive status due to a missing requirement or lack of login activity, officiating organization administrators can determine the exact status and cause using the Login Records option at the top of the Members Directory page.

Users listed as inactive can follow the activation steps to reactivate their accounts.

This window will display the user's last login to their officiating organization and status details for any users with missing requirements. Users that are fully activated and in a normal status will have a blank/empty status message.

Software Requirements to be "Active"

The following requirements are enforced by the software for legal and security reasons. They cannot be altered, turned off, or disabled by officiating organizations or administrators:

  • Users must log in to the software and navigate to at least one page within each of their officiating organizations at least once every 3 months.

  • Users must review & submit information in their Personal Profile at least once every 3 months by following the in-system prompts to complete this action.

Other Reasons an Account can be "Inactive"

In addition to the above requirements, the following scenarios can also result in an account being labeled "Inactive" and are based on the user's actions or officiating organization requirements:

  • The user requested Technical Support resulting in an account change that requires action or input from the user.

  • An organization's administrator must approve a self-registered user

  • The user is missing their SSN in their Personal Profile for organizations that have set this as a required field. Organizations can choose whether or not this is required in their System Settings. By default, it is not required.

  • The user's account has been set to a "Not Ready" status by an organization's administrator.

What happens to an "Inactive" account?

  • An inactive account cannot be scheduled for games and/or assignments

  • Accounts that remain inactive for more than 6 months may be manually or automatically deleted from the software

  • Both users & administrators will receive an email report on the 1st day of the month if an Inactive account affects them

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