What are Leagues?

Designating the governing body for your games

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Leagues can be edited by navigating to Administrative Forms >> Add/Edit/Remove Leagues.

Leagues usually represent the Governing Body that is controlling the game. They should not reference the age level.

Leagues are a way of separating different Game Codes for organizational purposes. Leagues are at the top of the organizational chain. Each league will contain multiple Game Codes. If you only have one league, you can simply turn OFF leagues altogether, so you don't need to worry about them. This can be done in your System Settings by turning off Feature #11.

Usually, if you're going to use leagues, you have different pay structures within the same game level. For example, if you schedule Varsity games for two different leagues that have different pay rates, or you just want to organize the games separately - this would be a good use of leagues.

Leagues combined with Game Codes control your Official Positions. Positions control your officials' fees and how they're scheduled. This can be a crucial building block to getting your system initially set up to meet your needs.

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