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How to make a canceled game billable or payable
How to make a canceled game billable or payable

Steps if you want to bill or pay a canceled game

Updated over a week ago

By default, canceled games are not considered "billable" to teams/leagues or "payable" to officials, however, you can change this. If an Officiating Scheduler wants to make ALL canceled games billable/payable, an administrator would need to edit the System Settings and change Feature #41 to ON. This is usually uncommon, though. More commonly, organizations will leave Feature #41 set to OFF and choose to just make individual games billable/payable on a case-by-case basis for rainouts or late cancellations. If Feature #41 is set to OFF, you can make individual games billable/payable using the following steps:

1. Cancel the game first

To start, you'll need to cancel the game using the Cancel Game option on your Master Game Schedule.

2. Set Schedule Filters

By default, canceled games are hidden from schedulers in the Schedule Filters. If the canceled game is hidden, use the Schedule Filters to instruct the system to show you the canceled games.

3. Select the Edit Fee icon

To make a canceled game billable / payable, select the Edit Fees icon next to any of the assignments on the game. It doesn't matter which one you select, and you only need to do it once, not on every assignment.

4. Mark Game Billable

Use the checkbox on the Edit Fees page to mark the game as billable. Selecting this checkbox will enforce all fees and payments to be reported on payroll and billing reports. You can adjust the fees, as necessary too. Once you save this, it is applied to all assignments on the game, so you only need to select the box once. If you need to adjust fees, you'll need to do that on each assignment separately.

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