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Why doesn't my game show up on the payroll report?
Why doesn't my game show up on the payroll report?

Reasons games are excluded from payroll reports

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Have you ever encountered a situation where a game fails to appear on your payroll reports, billing invoices, or payroll exports in Rest assured, we have the answers for you! Several factors can contribute to this, including the "Vouchered / Paid By Team" setting and game cancelations. Let's delve into the details.

The "Vouchered / Paid By Team" Setting

The "Vouchered / Paid By Team" setting plays a crucial role in determining how officials are compensated for their services. This setting allows you to specify whether the officiating organization will pay the officials or if they should seek payment from an external source.

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When the "Vouchered / Paid By Team" setting is selected as "YES" for a game, it indicates that officials will be paid directly by someone other than the officiating organization. This could include scenarios like cash games or payments through a school payment voucher system.

Adjusting the "Vouchered / Paid By Team" Setting

If you need to change the "Vouchered / Paid By Team" setting for a game, you can easily do so by manually editing individual games or by using the Bulk-Edit option located under the Automation top toolbar menu item on the Master Game Schedule page.

Canceled Games

Another reason for a game's absence on these reports is if the game has been canceled. By default, canceled games are not included on payroll reports, billing invoices, or payroll exports. However, schedulers have the flexibility to make a canceled game billable/payable if necessary.

Configuring the Default Behavior for Canceled Games

Officiating organization administrators can switch the default behavior for canceled games on the System Settings page. Feature #41 allows them to set canceled games as always billable/payable, ensuring their inclusion on the relevant reports. By making this configuration change, schedulers can streamline their processes and maintain consistency in their financial records.

Making Individual Canceled Games Billable/Payable

Schedulers can also make specific canceled games billable/payable by editing the pay rates for those games. By selecting the checkbox to make the canceled game billable/payable despite its cancelation, schedulers can ensure accurate billing and payment for officials, even in exceptional circumstances.

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Understanding the nuances of payroll reports, billing invoices, and payroll exports in Horizon is crucial for maintaining accurate financial records. The "Vouchered / Paid By Team" setting influences the inclusion or exclusion of games on these reports. Additionally, schedulers can modify the default behavior for canceled games to ensure their billing/payroll status. By utilizing these features effectively, you can streamline your financial processes and provide precise compensation for officials in your organization.

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