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What happens if my organization's subscription expires?
What happens if my organization's subscription expires?

How we handle non-payment of subscription renewals

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Subscriptions are valid as long as you continue to purchase the services and pay your subscription renewal fees on-time and before your subscription expires. You may see the details about when your subscription expires by viewing the Subscription tab on the System Settings page of the system. The system will also begin sending reminder emails to all Assignors and Administrators about an upcoming subscription expiration starting 4 months before your expiration date so that it's on your radar. Beginning 30 days before your expiration date, the system will issue a renewal invoice using our Current Pricing so you can renew your subscription for another term. If you'd like to make changes to your subscription package, your Add-On licenses or the length of your subscription term, please Contact Us BEFORE completing your renewal. We are unable to change these parameters after you complete your renewal.

Reminder Notifications

The system will send the following reminder notifications before your subscription expires:

  • Monthly email reminders beginning 4 months before expiration

  • Weekly email reminders beginning 4 weeks before expiration

  • Daily email reminders beginning 7 days before expiration

  • Daily text message reminders beginning 3 days before expiration

  • Daily automated phone call reminder beginning 3 days before expiration

Expired Subscriptions

If your subscription expires, we will no longer be able to provide services to you or your organization. The subscription will immediately stop operations at 11:59:59pm EST/EDT (UTC-05:00 / UTC-04:00)(America/New_York) on the date of your expiration. We will immediately schedule a date to delete your subscription data 14 days after your subscription's expiration date.

Reactivation Fees

Reactivation fees are enforced to reactivate a subscription that has already expired. Those fees are as follows:

  • Expirations 1 to 6 days in the past: 10% reactivation fee with a $25 minimum reactivation fee

  • Expirations 7 to 14 days in the past: 15% reactivation fee with a $50 minimum reactivation fee

Reactivation fees are calculated based on your invoice amount at the time of your expiration. If you make changes to your subscription package AFTER your system is expired, your reactivation fees will still be based on the invoice amount as it appeared at the time of your expiration date.

Deleted Subscriptions

If a subscription remains unpaid after 14 days, the subscription and all associated data will be deleted and removed from our systems. You can no longer submit a payment or recover this subscription. We do have the ability to recall most of this data from backup systems for a period of up to 6 months after your expiration date. However, this process is expensive. The fees to recover a deleted subscription are:

  • 15% reactivation fee ($50 minimum) plus $4 per day between now and your expiration date.

For example, if your $300 subscription expired 45 days ago, the reactivation fee would be $50 (minimum) plus ($4 * 45) = $50 + $95 = $145. This reactivation fee would be in addition to your regular subscription fees listed in our Current Pricing. Subscriptions that expired over six months in the past are not recoverable, and a new subscription must be purchased to restart service.

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