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Understanding Subscription Start Dates and Timing
Understanding Subscription Start Dates and Timing

Details about subscription terms and timing

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When it comes to subscriptions, you may have questions about when to make a purchase and how the subscription term is calculated. We'll clarify these aspects for you.

When to Purchase

The timing of your subscription purchase is flexible and depends on your organization's needs and readiness. Here are some considerations:

  • Getting Started Quickly: If your organization is eager to get up and running with the basic software functions, you can make a purchase at any time. The software can be set up in just an hour or two, allowing you to start using it promptly.

  • Exploration and Advanced Setup: For larger organizations or those looking to configure more advanced features, you might want some extra time for exploration and getting comfortable with the software. This can be particularly important if your organization creates assignments weeks in advance of games. While there's no strict timeline, we recommend purchasing at least one month before your first game of the season. However, it's not mandatory, and you can even make a purchase the day before if needed. Keep in mind that one of the time-consuming aspects can be waiting for officials to log in and activate their user accounts. To expedite the process, encourage your officials to activate their accounts promptly.

Subscription Term Duration

Subscriptions in are based on annual terms, with the duration chosen by the purchaser during the buying process. For most organizations, this term is typically set to one year. Here's how the timing works:

  • Start Date: The subscription term begins immediately upon activation. Activation occurs when the software is initially made available to the purchaser for their use. This is typically immediately when you purchase the subscription and the payment is processed or could be the day that you activate a free trial offer.

  • Duration: The subscription runs for exactly one year (or the number of years you selected during purchase) from the date of activation.

Example: If you purchase a one-year subscription on April 20, 2024, your renewal payment will be due no later than April 20, 2025. The subscription term follows this annual cycle.

By understanding these details about when to purchase and how the subscription term is calculated, you can effectively plan and manage your subscription to meet your organization's needs.

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