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How to purchase Add-On User Licenses
How to purchase Add-On User Licenses

Details about adding more user licenses to your subscription

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Users with Assignor or Administrator permissions may purchase & add additional Add-On User Licenses that can be added to their organization's existing subscription contract. To do so, click the Add Licenses option at the top of the main grey navigation menu. This option looks like a green plus symbol. This option can also be found within the Subscription tab on the System Settings page of the software while using a desktop or laptop computer. It is also available on the Add User page on all interfaces.

Purchasing licenses is an instantaneous process. Once the licenses are purchased and paid for using a credit or debit card, the licenses will be immediately available on your subscription. We do not accept offline or physical check payments for add-on user licenses.

What is the cost of adding licenses?

Complete & current pricing information available at

  • Additional licenses can be purchased in groups of 5 licenses

  • Pricing is based on the pricing package you bought and subscribed to at the beginning of your subscription term. You may view the Subscription tab within your System Settings page to see what package you're subscribed to.

  • Additional license discounts or pricing package changes are not available during the middle of your subscription term. For example, if your subscription package has a $5.00/ea. user license cost, any additional Add-On User Licenses you purchase during your subscription term will also be $5.00/ea., regardless of whether you buy 5 more or 5000 more.

  • You cannot change subscription packages during the middle of your subscription term.

  • Licenses are not pro-rated, so the cost remains the same regardless of how much time is remaining in your subscription term. Add-on user licenses will expire simultaneously with the rest of your organization's subscription.

  • The opportunity to change subscription packages and receive license discounts exists only during your original purchase and subscription renewal window.

  • Subscription package changes are not permitted after you purchase your subscription or after you complete your renewal payment. You will need to wait until your next subscription renewal window before you can make changes to your subscription package.

  • Add-On User Licenses cannot be purchased if your subscription has less than 30 days remaining. Your renewal period begins 30 days before your subscription's expiration date. If you need to add license slots/spots during your renewal window, you must first renew your subscription; then, you may purchase Add-On User Licenses. This restriction prevents you from paying twice for the same licenses, once for the add-on and again during the renewal payment. Renewing first allows you to only pay once for the extra licenses after the renewal payment.

  • Licenses cannot be removed during your subscription term. If you'd like to remove licenses, you may do so by contacting support using our online chat messenger in the bottom-right corner of our website during your renewal window, which begins 30 days before your subscription's expiration date.

Navigate to your System Settings page to see details on your current subscription.

User licenses are sometimes referred to as license spots, license slots, slots, licenses, license seats, or seats. These terms are all interchangeable and refer to user licenses.

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