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Subscription Renewal Policies
Subscription Renewal Policies

Details about renewing subscriptions and changing pricing packages

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Renewing your subscription and the licenses contained within your subscription with us is a crucial step to ensure uninterrupted access to our services. To provide clarity and transparency, this article outlines our subscription renewal policies, including payment due dates, renewal periods, package changes, and the role of our sales support team. Please review the following information carefully.

Payment Due Date and Late Renewals

Subscriptions must be paid by 11:59pm Eastern Time (America/New_York) on the expiration date stated in your subscription. We do not offer extensions on payment due dates. Failure to pay on time will result in an expired subscription. To reactivate an expired subscription, additional fees will apply. Subscriptions that remain expired for more than 14 days will be deleted from our software systems.

Renewal Period and Invoicing

The renewal period begins 30 days before your subscription expiration date. Our system automatically generates an invoice based on our current prices during this period. To access and pay the invoice, assignors/schedulers and officiating organization administrators can find a link to view the invoice or submit their online payment conveniently located at the top of the Members Home page while logged into their organization. The link to the invoice and payment page is not visible outside of your 30-day renewal window. Users without assignor or administrator permissions granted to them in the software will not have access to the invoice or payment links.

Subscription Duration and Options

Please note that our subscriptions are not available for durations less than one year. Discounted subscription options are available for subscription terms of 2 years or longer. Renewing for a few months is not an option within our subscription structure. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

Changing Subscription Packages

If you wish to change your subscription package, it is essential to do so during your renewal period and before completing your renewal payment. Once the payment is submitted, we cannot change your subscription package. To request changes, including upgrades or downgrades, please contact our sales support team via our online chat messenger to request a subscription change. If you initially receive an automated reply from our AI-bot, click the "TALK TO A PERSON" button after receiving the initial response to chat with one of our agents, who can change your renewal invoice.

Renewal Payment and Refunds

Subscription renewal payments are not automatically charged for your renewal. A user with administrator or assignor permissions must manually submit a renewal payment to extend a subscription for a new term.

Please note that renewal payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Once the payment is processed, it is considered FINAL. We recommend reviewing your subscription details carefully before submitting the payment to ensure accuracy and satisfaction with your chosen package. Changes to your subscription package cannot be made after your subscription payment is submitted.

Cancelling a Subscription

To cancel a subscription for an officiating organization, simply allow the subscription to expire beyond its expiration date. We do not automatically charge credit cards for renewal payments, so no additional action is required to cancel. Expired subscriptions will be automatically removed from our systems due to non-payment, following our subscription expiration policies.


Our subscription renewal policies aim to clarify and streamline our valued customers' renewal process. Remember to pay your subscription renewal fee by the designated due date to avoid an expired subscription. If you wish to change your subscription package, contact our sales support team via our online chat messenger during the renewal period. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to continuing to serve you with our comprehensive services.

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