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How do I sign up for officiating training courses?
How do I sign up for officiating training courses?

Horizon does not provide officiating training

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The Horizon software provides officiating organizations with tools and processes to ensure effective management of the organization and its officials. Officiating organizations can use the various features of Horizon, such as Documents, Videos, Memos, etc., to provide training to their officials.

However, it is important to note that while the Horizon software can be used as a reference and training tool by officiating organizations and their member referees and umpires, Horizon does not provide, operate, or offer direct officiating training courses, in-person officiating training courses, on-field training, officiating certification classes, officiating shadowing, referee mentoring, etc. Officiating organizations are responsible for providing any required training courses, certification requirements, shadowing experience, etc. that are necessary for their operations.

You must contact your local officiating organization for more information on their training policies and any additional requirements they may have to officiate within their sport or organization.

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