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Can I display more than 250 games?
Can I display more than 250 games?

Details on game schedule display limits

Updated over a week ago

The Horizon system has a maximum limit of displaying 250 games for any given search. This limitation is in place to optimize system performance and ensure fast response times for all users. If a search yields more than 250 results, only the first 250 games will be displayed.

Performance Considerations

By capping the number of displayed games at 250, the system can efficiently handle the data processing and rendering required for each search. This approach helps maintain optimal performance and ensures a seamless experience for all users.

Revising the Search

If you need to access games beyond the initial 250 displayed, you can refine your search parameters to narrow down the results. By adjusting filters or adding specific criteria, you can perform a revised search that displays the desired subset of games.

Ensuring Peak Performance

Our priority is to provide a high-performing system that meets the needs of all officiating organizations. By limiting the number of displayed games to 250, we maintain the system's efficiency and responsiveness, allowing users to perform their tasks smoothly and efficiently.

While we understand that users may occasionally require access to a larger number of games, we have implemented this limitation to ensure a consistent and reliable experience for all users.

Please note: The maximum limit of 250 games displayed per search is a system-wide policy and cannot be modified on an individual basis.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we strive to provide a robust and efficient officiating management solution.

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