How to add users

Adding new users to your officiating organization

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There are multiple ways to add users.
Adding users can be done using one of the three options below. You can manually add users using the Add User form, let users register themselves, or import users from a CSV spreadsheet file. The system only requires the user's first name, last name, email address, and permission settings in all options. Once added, the user will receive an email with their temporary username and password. When the user logs in for the first time, they will be required to set a secure permanent password, and they will be required to complete their Personal Profile, which includes the remainder of their personal information such as their physical address, phone numbers, etc. If at any time a user cannot locate their initial username/password or their permanent username/password, the only way to recover it would be using the password recovery option at

Available options for adding users:

1. Manual Registration

  • Only users with administrator permissions may add users manually.

  • Complete the form.

  • Once submitted, the user will receive an email notification with their username/password and/or login instructions.

2. Self Registration

  • Users can register themselves by submitting a registration request.

  • You should provide the new user with the registration instructions link:

  • You'll also need to provide the new user with your Organization Number, also known as your Association Number.

  • Once they register, users with administrator permissions will receive an email notification, and one of them will need to Approve or Deny the new user's registration to complete the registration process.

  • If approved, the new user will receive an email notification with their username/password and login instructions.

3. Spreadsheet Import

  • You can import users by navigating to Members Directory >> Add Users >> Import Users from Spreadsheet.

  • The importing functionality is only available for importing licensed users like officials, referees, umpires, instructors, scorekeepers, etc. Importing is unavailable for non-licensed user types like coaches, athletic directors, league personnel, and location personnel. These non-licensed user types cannot be imported by spreadsheet and must be added individually.

  • To import your officials, referees, and umpires, download the template file first, populate your information, then complete the import.

  • Before you complete it, you must verify that all names and information are correct.

Need Help with Permission Levels?

Check out this support article, which thoroughly explains each permission level.

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