Setting up qualifications

How to determine if a user is eligible for a game level

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Qualification Systems

Qualifications are what we call the methods assignors, schedulers, and administrators use within their officiating organization to determine if someone is eligible to be assigned to a game beyond just their availability. Officiating organization administrators, schedulers and assignors can use one or more of these methods to determine if an official is not only available for a game but qualified and/or certified to work a certain game level or type. There are 3 main systems that can be utilize to help automatically determine qualifications. These systems will filter the list of available officials when using either auto-assign or manual-assign methods. If necessary, any of the methods can be overridden by a scheduler via the manual-assigning methods.

Block Systems

Block Systems are the easiest method to set up, but using them extensively may require a lot of assignor maintenance to keep them up to date. The Block Systems will quite simply allow schedulers, assignors, and administrators to block an official from working a certain league, game level, team, location, or position so that they cannot be assigned to a game that is utilizing one of the blocked items. To use this system, an officiating organization administrator must enable Features #4 through #9 in their System Settings, as desired. Users will then be able to utilize the block systems, which will be located under Administrative Forms.

Manual Ranking System

This system is great for organizations with numeric certifications or rankings to qualify and sort their officials. This system will allow officiating organization schedulers, assignors, and administrators to assign a numeric value to each official using any number desired. Officiating organization administrators can then edit their Positions List to specify the minimum (or maximum) value required to be eligible to work that specific position. To utilize this system, officiating organization administrators must enable it via Feature #39 in their System Settings and set their desired preferences along with that feature. They can then edit the Manual Rankings assigned to each individual user and then finally edit the Positions List to specify what the minimum (or maximum) value is required for each position in their system.

Contact Group Restrictions

This system is the most popular feature used for qualifications. It's also the most robust and the easiest to maintain in the long term. This system will allow you to create custom sub-groups of users utilizing Contact Groups. You will then be able to specify in your Positions List that a user must be a member of a certain Contact Group to be eligible to work a certain position. We have an entire support article dedicated to how to set this up, so you can Read More Here. Contact Groups are very versatile, and we recommend almost every organization utilize them since they can be used for qualifications, reporting, messaging, assigning, and much more!

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