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Can administrators resend a user's welcome email?
Can administrators resend a user's welcome email?

Options if a user lost or can't find their initial login email

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Once the system generates a new user's login credentials, those credentials are irreversibly encrypted. The same email cannot be resent.

Was it delivered?

The system will inform administrators if an email is not successfully delivered. A notification will appear in their Reminders box on their Members Home page. If no reminder is present, the message was successfully delivered, and our system received proof of delivery from the recipient's mail provider. Most often, if the official "didn't receive" their welcome email, the message was received but is located in the user's spam or junk mail folder.

Getting a new email

If a new user still cannot find their initial welcome email, the only remaining option is performing a username/password reset using our regular login recovery options here.

Can an administrator reset a user's login?

In most cases, no. The user will need to use the login recovery options. However, if the user is brand new and has never logged in, this is the only time when an administrator can do this for the user.

In this scenario, an administrator can navigate to the Members Directory. Select the edit pencil to the left of the user's name and then press the Reset Password button. A new email will then be generated containing a new username & password for the user. This only works if the official has never logged in and has not yet set up their user account.

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